Who is Marianas Southern Airways?

Marianas Southern Airways is a joint venture partnership between Saipan investors and Southern Airways Express, one of the largest commuter airlines in the United States.

Who is Southern Airways?

Southern Airways, founded in 2013, is based in Palm Beach, Florida and operates short flights across the entire country. Southern is the parent company of Mokulele Airlines, which serves more airports in Hawaii than any other airline, with over 140 daily departures in Hawaii alone. In 2021, Southern completed over 99.3% of its scheduled flights, making it one of the most reliable airlines in the world.

What kind of aircraft does Marianas Southern Airways operate?

Marianas Southern Airways operates the new Tecnam P2012 Travellers, known as the world’s most advanced twin turbocharged piston aircraft. The 9-seat aircraft features generous luggage allowances to complement its sleek and modern interior design which includes LED reading lights, overhead air conditioning controls, and ergonomic seats with a USB charging port, armrest, and cup holder.

When will more daily flights be added to the schedule?

Marianas Southern Airways will initiate service using two aircraft and intends to grow the fleet to six aircraft over the next 12 months. With the additional aircraft availability, the number of daily flights will drastically increase.

Are charters, medivac, and cargo flights available?

Marianas Southern Airways intends on offering private charter service in the near future. The aircraft can be transformed to provide medivac and cargo flights, but for the first few months of operations, our sole focus will be on providing reliable, comfortable, and on-time scheduled air service.

What is an interline agreement?

An interline is where a passenger, in a single transaction, can purchase tickets on two airlines. Southern Airways has an interline with United Airlines and (later in 2022) will offer interline connectivity between the CNMI and Guam’s United Airlines flights.

What type of activities will Marianas Southern Airways be involved in throughout the community?

Marianas Southern Airways looks forward to being an active corporate citizen. For flight donations to your charitable organization’s fundraiser or to request a speaking engagement from one of our executives, please email [email protected].